Town Council three year term (two available):
George Edwards 724
Cathy Moison 637
Margaret (Cate) Thompson 579
RSU67 three year seat (three available):
William Chubbuck 667
Aaron House 743
David Moison 464
Christopher Tash 513
Grace Tibbetts 526
RSU67 two year seat (one available):
Patricia Nobel 895
Lincoln Sanitary Board three year seat (2 available):
Donald Barker 1051
Write-Ins were a tie:
**Darlene Mulari 4
**Ronald Weatherbee 4
**Neither Darlene or Ronald wanted to accept this seat on the Sanitary Board, now creating a vacancy that the Council will need to appoint a member to until the next election in November 2022.  At that time the seat will be on the ballot to fill a two-year term.
Local Charter Amendment Question:
Yes 740
No 399
State Question 1:
Yes 605
No 559
State Question 2:
Yes 804
No 366
State Question 3:
Yes 702
No 469
Thank you to all that took the time to vote!