The Lincoln Public Works Department will begin our spring routine of sweeping the town streets and sidewalks. The Town only owns one sweeper and that unit currently tries to cover 50+ road miles, so we appreciate everyone's patience. The 2021/2022 winter was very long and required more salt and sand to be applied to all of our roads than last year. The increase in winter sand will add time to the sweeping schedule.

We try to cover each street at least once by the end of May or early June. If you believe the street sweeper has not visited your area at least once by the end of May, you can call the Public Works department at 207-794-6658. If residents would like to have the sand that is swept from their street, please contact the Town Office and ask for a Fill Request Form. Once the Code Enforcement Officer reviews and approves the request, we could then drop a load off when we are sweeping in the area. Our policy is to haul the material to the closet dumping area; if we cannot get onto your site without getting stuck, we will move onto the next site. The street sweeper has very low ground clearance and is very heavy so please keep these things in mind when asking for material. Please do not rake sticks or leaves onto the side of the road, as these will plug or damage the elevator system in the street sweeper. Large piles of leaves will not be picked up with the sweeper. The Town of Lincoln offers an entire week in May dedicated to residential clean up, and at that time we will be collecting bags of leaves for disposal. 


Sweeping Schedule

The week of April 25 - April 29: Lake Street to Warsaw Circle area

The week of May 2 - May 6: Evergreen Drive through to Clay Street

The week of May 9 - May 12: Hale Street through to the intersection of Transalpine Road and the streets located in Perryville

The week of May 16 - May 19: Mountain View Drive through to the Taylor Street area

Starting May 23: Some of the more rural roads throughout the Town

This schedule may change due to the amount of material on the road surface that needs to be swept up. 


We do keep track of what streets have been swept, but sometimes we may inadvertently miss an area. So please contact the Public Works Department if you have not seen the sweeper in your area of town by the end of the scheduled week.