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Dennis Bullen, Public Works Director

Public Works truck

During the Winter of 2020-2021 Lincoln Public Works were very busy with snow removal. Here are some interesting stats! 

To date, we have received 55 inches of snow/ice

We have deployed 22 times

We have used 549 tons of salt

We have used 2836 yards of sand



LPW crew repairing sidewalks downtown. 
Roadway Committee Meetings

Date Location  Recording
3/25/2021 Council Chambers Roadway Committee Meeting 3_25_2021

The anticipated paving schedule is as follows. This schedule is subject to change.  If you have any questions,  please contact LPW Director, Dennis Bullen at


2021: Demarey Avenue, Lakeview Street, Morgan Street, Pleasant Street, Porter Street, Stanhope Mill Road, Williams Street. Estimated cost of $301,150 and 3,170 tons of pavement. 

2022: Hillcrest Drive, Phinney Farm Road, Pinkham Street.  Estimated cost $289,750 and 3,054 tons of pavement. 

2023: Curtis Farm Road, Goding Avenue, Park Avenue. Estimated cost $293,550 and 2,090 tons of pavement.

2024: Abbie Lane, Adams Street, Fleming Street, Grindle Street, Lindsay Street, Mattanawcook Street, Perry Street. Estimated cost $273,125 and 2,875 tons of pavement. 

2025: Fish Hill Drive, Folsom Pond Road, Taylor Street.  Estimated cost $293,075 and 3,085 tons of pavement. 

2026: Frost Street, Kneeland Avenue, Libby Street, Warsaw Circle. Estimated cost $311,125 and 3,275 tons of pavement. 

2027: Bedford Farm Road, Buckley Avenue, East Broadway, Highland Avenue, Holmes Street, Penobscot Valley Avenue, Second Street. Estimated cost $287,375 and 3,025 tons of pavement. 

2028: Clark Street, Edwards Street, Frederick Street, Hale Street, Mountainview Drive, Tibbett’s Drive and Workman Terrace. Estimated cost $283,100 and 2,980 tons of pavement. 

2029: Ayer Street, Cushman Street, Lancaster Street, Mohawk Road, School Street, Washington Street. Estimated cost $ 289,275 and 3,045 tons of pavement. 

2030: Ariel Street, Evergreen Drive, Jewel Street, MacKenzie Avenue, Station Road.  Estimated cost $262,200 and 2,760 tons of pavement. 

2031: Academy Street, Albert Drive, Burton Street, Fox Farm Road, Haynes Street, Katahdin Avenue, Lake Street, Mechanic Street, Prince Street, Sunset Lane, Whalen Street, Wilson Street. Estimated cost $282,625 and 2,975 tons of pavement.

2032: Bagley Mountain Road. Estimated cost $ 258,875 and 2,725 tons of pavement. 

2033: Sweet Road, Town Farm Road.  The cost and tonnage has been divided into two parts, with a part costing an estimated $256,500 and 2,700 tons of pavement and part b costing $185,250 and 1,950 tons of pavement. 

2034: Resurfacing Gravel Roads including Airport Road, Alyward Drive, Curtis Farm Road, Easy Street, Folsom Pond Road, South Road, VFW Road, Winter Street, Worcester Way. Estimated cost $1,045,000 and 11,000 yards of material. 

2035: Parking Lots and Sidewalks including Academy Street, Adams Street, the Public Safety parking lot, Burton Street, Court House parking lot, Prince Thomas Park, Upper and Lower High Street sidewalks, West Broadway sidewalks, Route 6 sidewalks, School Street, Transfer Station, Veterans Memorial Square. Estimated cost $476,700 and 3,405 tons of pavement.