Friday, March 26th, 2021

May 10th through the 13th are the dates for this year’s clean up week. The Public Works Department will be picking up materials that have been placed roadside and transporting them to the Transfer Station. Since the crew will not be traveling on private roads those residents living on private roads are encouraged to bring their materials to the nearest Town or State road for pick up. Items that are within the Town or State right of way will be considered as items to be picked up. If you have a large bulky item please call the Public Works Department in advance so we can arrange for a piece of equipment to assist with the loading.  If residents have any questions regarding items not on the list please feel free to contact the Lincoln Public Works Department at 794-6658.

  Public Works Director Dennis Bullen said this event is one that many residents have utilized in the past. It’s a great way to have that large or bulky item picked up curbside and transported to the transfer station at no cost. During the week we will have multiple trucks picking up materials.  Don’t be alarmed that a truck might have just passed your house without stopping; the truck might have been carrying mostly metal and the material that you placed roadside might be wood debris. Don’t worry, the truck picking up wood debris will be there shortly. Please keep clean up week materials separate from your house hold trash.    

Items that we will no longer be picking up

Refrigerators & air conditioners


Household waste (trash)

Junk automobiles

Cement blocks or bricks

Gasoline, oil or antifreeze

Fluorescent bulbs

TVs and computer components

Fuel tanks

Shingles & sheetrock

Pressure treated wood

The following is a list of items that we will be picking up

  • Large items such as swimming pool liners, carpets, tarps, linoleum, insulation and plastic pipe (these items must be cut up in 3’x 3’ sections).
  • Vinyl siding needs to be cut up into 3 ft sections.
  • Leaves must be placed in plastic bags or bio-degradable leaf bags. Bags containing excessive amounts of sand will not be accepted.
  • Brush and wood debris cannot be larger than 8 inches in diameter and no longer than 4 ½ feet and needs to be free of any metal.
  • We will pick up two dump truck loads of brush per household. One load is described as pile six feet wide ten feet long and five feet high.
  • We will also pick up one load of demo wood such as boards. Plywood and chipboard from each resident. No pressure treated wood will be picked up
  • We will also be picking up appliances such as washers & dryers, kitchen stoves, dishwashers and any furniture. Many of the items that we think might still be usable are placed on the take or leave pile at the Transfer Station for other residents to reuse. If you remove an item from the take or leave area please do not place that item back out for road side pick up.

    The following is the schedule for cleanup week 2020

     Monday 5/10

    The PWD will be picking up items from the intersection of Transalpine Rd. and the Enfield Road to Evergreen Drive. This area includes all streets in the downtown area including West Broadway to the intersection of River Road, and Main Street through Evergreen Drive.   

    Tuesday 5/11

    The crew will be picking up items on the Transalpine Rd. and the Lee Road area including all the side streets in these areas. This includes the Half-Township & Curtis Farm Road, Phinney Farm Rd, Folsom Pond Road areas.  

    Wednesday 5/12

    The crew will be picking up on the Enfield Rd. and the South Lincoln areas including West Broadway South from the River Road intersection. Residents living on the Millet Mallet Road will need to bring their materials out to the Enfield Road for pick up.  

    Thursday 5/13

    We will be in the North Lincoln area including all Town roads that are in that section of town. Please call the Lincoln Public Works at 794-6658 before 12:00 noon on Thursday if your materials have not been picked up as of this time.

    We will start the week with most of the PWD staff participating, but as volumes decrease many of the employees will be shifted onto other jobs. In years past we offered this service to residents for an entire week but we have scaled down this program because of increasing operating cost, we now schedule certain days for each area of town. Please have your items out on the day the trucks are scheduled to be in your area to help us reduce the expense of this program. The crews will be starting at 7:00 am each day so have your items out the night before to ensure the items are picked up.       

    This schedule is subject to change depending on the volume of materials that are placed roadside for clean up week.

The Lincoln Public Works Department will begin our spring routine of sweeping the town streets and sidewalks. The town only owns one sweeper and that unit currently tries to cover 50+ road miles, so we appreciate everyone’s patience. The 2020/2021 winter was very long and required more salt and sand to be applied to all of our roads than last year. The increase in winter sand will add time to the sweeping schedule.     


            We try to cover each street at least once by the end of May or early June. If you believe the street sweeper has not visited your area at least once by the end of May, you can call the Public Works Department at 794-6658. If residents would like to have the sand that is swept from their street, please contact the Town Office and ask for a Fill Request Form. Once the Code Enforcement Officer reviews and approves the request, we could then drop a load off when we are sweeping in the area. Our policy is to haul the material to the closest dumping area; if we cannot get onto your site without getting stuck, we will move onto the next site. The street sweeper has very low ground clearance, and is very heavy so please keep these things in mind when asking for material.  Please do not rake sticks or leaves onto the sides of the road, as these will plug or damage the elevator system in the street sweeper. Large piles of leaves will not be picked up with the sweeper. The Town of Lincoln offers an entire week in May dedicated to residential clean up, and at that time we will be collecting bags of leaves for disposal.


Sweeping Schedule

 The week of April 26 thru April 30: Lake Street to Warsaw Circle area. 

The week of May 3 thru May 7: Evergreen Drive through to Clay Street.

The week of May 10 thru May 14: Hale Street through to the intersection of Transalpine Road and the streets located in Perryville.      

The week of May 17 thru May 21: Mountain View Drive through to the Taylor Street area.

Starting May 25: Some of the more rural roads throughout the Town.

This schedule may change due to the amount of material on the road surface that needs to be swept up.     

  We do keep track of what streets have been swept, but sometimes we may inadvertently miss an area. So please contact the Public Works Department if you have not seen the sweeper in your area of town by end of the scheduled we