As the spring weather progresses, the almost daily freeze and thaw cycles create defects in the paved roadways in the area. These defects are referred to as “potholes.” Potholes often seem to appear overnight. Crews are routinely dispatched to address these issues. Some of the roads traversing through town are maintained by the Maine Department of Transportation (MDOT). West Broadway, Main Street, High Street, and Lee Road are MDOT roads. If you observe defects on these roads, please report them to the DOT dispatch office at 207-941-4500. Defects occurring on any other roads in town should be reported to the Lincoln Public Works Department at 207-794-6658.

Unpaved roads are also negatively affected this time of year. As the road base thaws, the ground becomes saturated and unstable. Road traffic on these unstable roadways can and often does cause damage to the roads. Most of our roads are posted with orange signs advertising weight restrictions, but even a small car can cause damage at the right time. Please be cautious when driving on any unimproved roadways.