Stephen Clay 2020
Jeff Gifford, Vice Chair 2020
George Edwards, Chair 2018
Sheldon Hanington 2018
John Trask 2019
Sharon Sibley 2019
Marscella Ireland 2019

Click Here for the Municipal Code

The Town of Lincoln has a Council-Manager form of government and acts as the general legislative body of the municipality by representing all Lincoln residents. The Councilor’s duties and responsibilities are governed by the Town Charter. The Town Council is a seven (7) member board consisting of a Chairman, Vice Chairman and five regular members.

The Town Clerk serves as Clerk of the Council preparing and maintaining the Council’s record, acting as the licensing and permitting agent and performing duties as required. Agenda Items for any Town Council agenda are due to the Town Clerk two weeks prior to the meeting. On the Wednesday prior to the regularly scheduled business meeting, unless otherwise noted on the agenda, the Town Council agenda and backup materials are released and delivered to Councilors. The next business day, the agenda packet is uploaded to the Town’s website for the public to view. Should a member of the public wish to have materials printed, they must submit a Freedom of Access request to the Town Clerk for release.

Members of the Town Council are elected each November and serve for three (3) years. Terms are staggered so that no more than three (3) Councilors will be elected at one election. Members of the Council must be registered voters and qualify for office. Elections are held in November and at the special organizational meeting, officers are nominated and voted upon. During this meeting each year, Council rules are reviewed and voted, which sets their code of conduct for the upcoming year.

To view the recently voted upon Council rules, please click here. Regular Town Council meetings are held the second Monday of each month at 7:00 PM unless it is a federal holiday. Special meetings may be held at other times with proper notice. The public is encouraged to attend Council meetings.

To view the brochure on public conduct while attending Council meetings, please click here.

Town Council Agenda

Agendas are available on the Town Council page of this website.

* Note prior year’s Agenda and Minutes are available at the Town Office.