This form must be filled out completely in order to be considered for space at the festival. Submission of this form does not guarantee a space until the form is approved and necessary paperwork is completed. There is no cost for Vendor space in Veterans Square. All Vendor space is outdoors and Vendors are resppnsible to supply their own shelters including tables and chairs. All booths must be open from 12 -4 pm.

*Parking spaces in the square are reserved for PVH Rehab customers and Town Office visitors. Please do not block.

Our community events attract a diverse group of people and our intent is to keep the spirit of a hometown atmosphere with a safe and friendly environment.

The Town of Lincoln has a limited number of spaces for Vendors. The space designated is located in Veterans Square. Vendors will contain their selling to this area only.

We reserve the right to refuse space to a Vendor if product static display or products that are deemed inappropriate or discriminate against the general public. Vending booths will be kept clean and pleasing to the eye. It is our intent to have diverse items of interest while maintaining healthy competition practices for those promoting their products. In order to approve the application form, a Vendor must be specific and list their #1 product or game as well as secondary items.

Vendors are responsible to secure their goods and provide shelter from the weather. If at any time a Vendor becomes rude or acts inappropriately, they will be asked to leave and will not be allowed back to future events.

1. Applications and Vendor Rules will be posted on the Town’s website. The rules shall be enforced by the Community Events Supervisor and Code Enforcement Officer.

2. Spaces will be made available for set up on Saturday after 9:00 am.

3. Vendors assume full responsibility for clean-up and breakdown of lot. No articles or garbage will be left behind.

4. Any animal within a Vendor booth must be licensed and in control at all times. Any pet waste shall be cleaned up immediately by a designee supplied by that vendor.

5. Vendors who use tents and or stake downs of equipment must secure the lines with a fluorescent or reflective tape to alert walkers and visitors of obstruction. No stakes may be driven in the asphalt. Contact Kelly Ryder at 207-794-3372 for more information.