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CODE DEPARTMENT is by appointment only. 

Appointments can be made by calling 207-794-3372 , 207-403-3306,or by email [email protected]

Lincoln Municipal Code/Ordinances

Town of Lincoln Schedule of Fees



Building Permit – online applicationpdf application

Fees for Building Permits 2021

Electrical Permit – online applicationpdf application

Plumbing Permit – online applicationpdf application

Home Occupation Permit – online applicationpdf application

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Land Use Permit – online applicationpdf application

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Planning Board

Planning Board Meetings are held on Tuesday the week following the Regular Town Council Meetings, if there is a Holiday it’s moved to the next Tuesday.  Meetings start at 6:00pm.

Planning Board Members:

  • Mary Lomonaco, Chair
  • Jamie Graham
  • Glen Porter
  • Joshua Gray 
  • Roger Ryder
  • Denise Kusnierz
  • Mike Ireland
  • Kyle Oliver
  • Grace Tibbetts- Alternate
Meeting Date Location Time  
6/29/2021 Council Chambers 6:00pm Zoom Meeting Login
6/23/2021 Council Chambers 6:00pm June 22, 2021 Planning Board Meeting
5/18/2021 Council Chambers 6:00pm May 18, 2021 Planning Board Meeting
4/20/2021 Council Chamber/Zoom 6:00pm April 20, 2021 Planning Board Meeting
3/16/2021 Council Chambers/Zoom 6:00pm Planning Board Meeting 3/16/2021
2/16/2021 Zoom 6:00pm Planning Board Meeting 2/16/2021
1/20/2021 Zoom 6:00pm Planning Board Meeting 1/20/2021
12/22/2020 Zoom 6:00pm Planning Board Meeting 12-22-2020
11/17/2020 Council Chambers 6:00pm Planning Board Meeting 11/17/2020
10/26/2020 Council Chambers 6:00pm Planning Board Workshop
10/20/2020 Council Chambers 6:00pm Planning Board Meeting 10/20/2020
9/22/2020 Council Chambers 6:15pm Planning Board Meeting 9/22/2020

Please go to for full free view of MUBEC.
MUBEC still remains as:
A. Maine Uniform Building and Energy Code”MUBEC” consists of the following codes:
2015 International Residential Code (IRC)
2015 International Building Code (IBC)
2015 International Existing Building Code (IEBC)
2015 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC)


What R-Values should I insulate to?
Foundation systems should be four feet (4′) minimum below grade to protect from frost.
Exterior Wall: R-21
Floor over basement/crawl space: R-20
Basement Wall: R-11

What size does a bedroom egress window have to be?
Every sleeping room shall have at least one (1) operable window or exterior door approved for emergency egress or rescue. The units must be operable from inside to a full clear opening without the use of separate tools. Where a window is provided as a means of egress or rescue, they shall have a sill height of not more than 44″ above the floor.
Must have a clear net opening of 5.7 sq.ft. net clear opening height of 24″ net clear opening width of 20″

Does my Mobile Home require tie downs?
Any used single or double wide that is owner occupied is not required to have tie downs. Any new (never been occupied) from a mobile home dealer is required to have a slab foundation and tie downs.