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Lincoln Property Tax Information

Welcome to the Town of Lincoln’s Property Information page. All documents are a matter of public record under the Maine State Revised Statutes Title 1, §402, 403 (a.k.a, Right to Know Law, or Freedom of Access Act). Requests for assessing information may take upto 24 hours to process. This new access to property tax information is an enhancement of our existing services. Residents and professionals alike can use this information to obtain real estate information, valuation figures, exemptions, sales data, property tax amounts, etc. This site can also be viewed by those seeking economic development information or by citizens interested in moving to our Town.

NOTE: The tax delinquency date for the first half is December 15th while the second half is May 15th each year. The names of those who owe taxes as of the close of business on June 30 will have their names printed inside the Town Report.

FY 2018 Commitment Documents:

FY2018 Commitment docs

Commitment Book Real Estate 2018

Commitment Book Personal Property 2018


This information is time sensitive and may not reflect the most current information. Please refer to the date at the bottom of each page. For information regarding delinquent taxes, please contact the tax collector at 207-794-3372.

Lien Disclaimer:

Please take note that if an account shows a prior year balance, you must call the Town Office for a correct payoff amount.


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