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Master Sergeant Gary Gordon, U.S. Army Special Forces
August 30, 1960 – October 3, 1993

A Lincoln native, Master Sergeant Gary Gordon, was featured on American Valor on November 11, 2003 on PBS. The history of the Congressional Medal of Honor and the stories of the brave men and women recipients unfolded through newsreel footage, photographs, as well as interviews with the recipients, their comrades and the enemies they fought. For more information go to PBS, American Valor.

Master Sergeant Gordon’s grave stone is located on Park Avenue. For a larger view of the picture, click the thumbnail image.


This dedication stone is located in front of the Lincoln Town Office at 63 Main Street. The dedication took place Sunday, July 23, 1995 at 1 PM. Inscripted into the memorial are these words: “In Memory of Master Sergeant Gary Gordon, U.S. Army Special Forces, Aug. 30,1960 – Oct. 3, 1993, Awarded the Medal of Honor for ‘extraordinary heroism’ with which he fought and died in effort to rescue comrades in Somalia. ‘In Delta’s ranks is a special breed… they belong to a tiny fraternity whose common bond is uncommon valor’ John Marsh, Secretary of the Army, 1989”.


This picture is located in the Lincoln Town Council Chambers. The picture features the USNS Gordon (T-AKR 296), Military Sealift Ship.

Other Veteran’s Memorials in Town

Lincoln Veterans War Memorial (Located off Goding Ave)

Soldier Statue – Civil War (Located Military Rd. and Lee St)

Spirit of the American Doughboy – World War 1 (Located W. Broadway)

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