With nearly 70 miles of shore frontage, 19 miles of river frontage, over 4,300 acres of water, and 22,000 acres of woodland, is it any wonder why Lincoln is the undiscovered Maine? Come see for yourself the boundless opportunities for both your business and your home. If you’re like us, you’ll make Lincoln your home too.

Our downtown and surrounding retail business area is active, vibrant, and the business owners are anxious to help you with any of your needs for goods and services. Lincoln is the retail hub for a population of nearly 25,000 people.

With all its growth and improvements, Lincoln still retains its small New England town character. We hope you’ll enjoy Lincoln!

Our Town Facts

County: Penobscot
School Dist/Dept: RSU 67
Senate District: 30
House District: 12
Congressional District: 2
Population – 2010 Census: 5085
Area: 76.8 sq miles
Pop. Density: 77/sq mile
Longitude: W 68:27:50
Latitude: N 45:20:50
Government: Council-Manager (7 Member Council)
FY2017 Approved Budget part 1

FY2017 Approved Budget part 2

$ 4,144,499
School Budget $ 3,938,711.92
Lincoln’s share of the County Budget $ 373,549.88
Mil Rate 22.34%
Housing Market Information

According to the U.S. 2010 Census, LINCOLN contained 2,045 households with an unemployment rate of 7.4%. The median income per household in Lincoln was $ 30,823.