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Penobscot ATV Off-Road Riders Application

Downtown Visioning Survey

The Economic Developement Committee needs your help.  The committee has a survey they would like filled out and returned to the Town Office.  You can fill out the survey by clicking this link: or you can choose to print out the survey and return it to the office.  

Downtown Visioning

The 6:00pm Downtown Visioning Meeting for this evening, May 19th, has been cancelled.

Downtown Survey

The Town of Lincoln is conducting two Economic Development surveys, one addresses only needs in the Downtown retail district. This information is necessary to develop a plan to promote and improve our downtown.  This is a required plan for the Rollins Wind TIF.  Please Click Here

The second is a survey put out by our Economic Development Committee.  They are trying to develop Town wide wants and needs residents want to see in Lincoln.   

I know surveys are tedious to fill out, but by filling out these surveys YOU will have a say in what is developed and promoted for Lincoln. Please Click Here

Bids for Tax Acquired Property

The Town of Lincoln has acquired several properties through the tax lien foreclosure process.  Bids must be received in the Town Clerk’s Office at 63 Main Street, Lincoln, ME  04457 by the deadline of May 28, 2015 at 2:00 PM at which time there will be a public bid opening.  The Town Council reserves the right to reject any or all bids.  Click here for the list of properties and instructions to the bidder.

FY16 Draft Budget

The FY16 Draft Municipal Budget is available for viewing in the Town Office.  You may also view Part 1 and Part 2 online.  The FY16 Budget Committee will start meeting on April 9th at 6:00PM in the Town Council chambers.

Community Garden Lottery

Do you want to have a garden this year but don't have the space for it?  Are you 18 or older and a resident of Lincoln?  The Recreation Department has 10 plots  available in the Community Garden located on the Recreation lot.  If you would like to be entered into the lottery drawing on these spaces please contact the Recreation Department @ 794-6548 or stop in to see them Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm.  The deadline to enter is May 1st.


2015 Homecoming Theme

Hi everyone! I have some exciting news. The theme for this year's homecoming parade is 'Fun on the Farm'. I can't wait to see all the cool floats!

Unclaimed Property

The State of Maine may be holding some of your property.  Rep. Sheldon Hannington dropped off a pamphlet today about the State of Maine's unclaimed property.  To start your search go to  

Now Available, Town Office Slide Show

We have received numerous request to have our Town Office Slide show available to view online.  The current slide show is available in two parts, Part one & Part two.


Have you liked the Town's Facebook page?  We update the page daily to keep you informed of events and activities going on in town.  Click here and like our page.

Understanding TIF's

Assessor Ruth Birtz has developed a Power Point presentation in an effort to explain the general idea and purpose of TIF agreements.  Click here if you would like to view the presentation.

Tax Bill Due Date

The next Tax due date will be May 15th.  Tax bills should be sent out the week of March 16th.  Should you have questions, please contact our office at 794-3372!

Mid-Monthly News to begin starting Friday, December 19th!

For many years, the Town of Lincoln released a "Weekly News" every week which highlighted department activities.  This Friday shall mark the first re-release of those highlights which will be done on a monthly basis the third week.  Please visit the Weekly News/Monthly Reports page to catch up on what's happening in Lincoln!

TIPSOFT Program now available...

The Lincoln Police Department is collaborating with the Partnership for a Healthy Northern Penobscot (PHNP) to offer a TIPSOFT program for concerned residents to text into the department about crimes.  To learn more about the program and how it works, please click here!


Lincoln - Home of 13 Lakes

upload/Feb 2015.jpg

February Photo of the Month

Photographer- Jean Hanington

Downtown Lincoln - Penquis Building



Christmas in Downtown Lincoln!



Looking to start a business?



 An aerial view of the Downtown area.



All roads lead to Lincoln!



A place to relax by the Lake!


upload/05-Memorial Day 002.JPG

 Thank you for keeping us free!